Amanda Lisa Watson, RegCOSRT

Psychosexual and Relationship Psychotherapist and Counsellor

Sex and Relationship Therapy

Psychosexual (Sex) Therapy

Sex is a subject that I wish we as a society were able to talk about freely like the weather without fear, shame, guilt or embarrassment.

My aim as a psychosexual therapist is to help you focus on being able to discuss sex and intimacy with ease, so as to not cause stress or anxiety when difficulties may arise.

Sexual issues are not uncommon and can happen to all people at some point in their lives whether it be medical or psychological issues or both.

Sex, intimacy and relationships tend to take a place at the back of the queue whilst we prioritise other life areas, and by making it one of your priorities by seeking therapeutic support you are on the right track.

I am specialised in working with a number of different sex and intimacy issues which are physical, mental, emotional and behavioural and together we can work on developing knowledge, understanding and experience of yourself and your relationships.

Whilst sex can be pleasurable, free and good for you, it can have a negative effect if your experiences have been linked to pain, abuse, violence or assault and this is also an area I am specialised in to help you work through this.

Furthermore, I have had extensive experience working with people who have particular Kinks, Fetishes, BDSM and Fantasies and I provide a non-judgemental environment allowing you to explore these areas further to not feel isolated because of the opinions of others.

Sex, intimacy and relationships is not a one size fits all situation, therefore whatever your unique and individual experiences are, know that you will be working with a completely open-minded therapist.

Step over the threshold of what I said in my opening sentence and reach out to make your first appointment.

Relationship Therapy

This type of therapy works on the relationship with your partner(s) and the problems that may arise for you, whether that be one, both or all of you, whether it be internal or external or both.

Relationships can have their ups and downs and there are also the different life transitions to consider: adolescence to adulthood to old age which can all have an impact on the relationship.

Some of the main issues to explore can be around Communication and conflict, attachment styles, sex and intimacy, affairs/betrayal, etc.

Relationship therapy can give you the tools and strategies to have a deeper awareness and understanding of self and others to build confidence, build closeness, reduce guilt and shame and build towards instigating change.

Relationship therapy can be used to maintain relationships that are not facing issues but where there is a desire to keep what is good and working well, others want to work on avoiding an inevitable break up, or at least if it does happen, they can agree on something more amicable in order to be able to move forward.

I have also worked with people who are looking to explore the possibility of opening up their relationship to a Consensual Non-Monogamous or Polyamory set up, recovering from an affair or breakup, wanting to explore other sexual practices as well as with those who have not had much or any sexual experience before.

In other words, the range of presentations I have worked with in relationship therapy is diverse and extensive.

If you would like to take the brave step of working on your relationship then please feel free to reach out and make an appointment.

Please contact me to arrange a consultation/appointment via email or telephone.


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